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Event Design & Styling

Event styling encompasses all visual components required for a successful event, such as lighting, type of floral arrangements, decor, and table linens. Our Event Stylist is responsible for translating your vision into reality, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing experience.

 Service begins 5 months prior to the event date. 

*Pricing starts at $1695, depends on guest count, location(s), budget and logistics. We suggest that clients allocate a minimum of $3000 towards their decor budget.

Wedding Design/Styling

  • 1 custom design plan for your special day! We will create an inspiration mood board and 1 free redesign

  • Provide up to 5 hours of face to face (Zoom/FaceTime included) meetings with you or your design related vendors. (florist, rental company, stationer etc.)

  • Decor budget preparation
  • Inventory management of design item. (ordering, inspecting and prepping.)

  • 1 detailed design breakdown/floor plan to share with vendors

  • Email and phone support..

  • Referrals to vendors that fit both your budget and your style.

  • Review and negotiate event design related contracts. (Rentals, lighting, florals etc.)

  • Advice and suggestions during the design process.

  • Manage payments to all event design related vendors

  • Up to 2 locations on the wedding day. 

  • Setting up while you are getting dressed.

  • Management of all décor related vendors on your special day during setup

  • Assistance with breakdown when your event is over,

  • All client purchased items will be returned to the client.

Wedding Table Arrangement
Wedding Table Set

Wedding Decorating

While it's common for couples to have a dream vision for their wedding, bringing that vision to fruition can be challenging. This is where our professional event decorating services come in. We work with you to transform your wedding day into a stunning and memorable event. Our team will be present on the day of your wedding to set up the decorations at your venue, ensuring everything is executed flawlessly.

Pricing starts at $995 and depends on guest count, location(s), budget, and logistics.

  • 1 tour of the venue

  • Upto 2 meetings with the client to discuss the aesthetics.

  • Email and phone support as needed.

  • Collect any personalized décor prior to your event date

  • Set-up the day of the event or the evening before if allowed

  • Management of all décor related while setting up

  • Assistance with breakdown when the event is over

Committed to Excellence

One of the most challenging things we hear from our clients is that the venue does not offer enough time for set-up! Because your event is special to you, we want it to look that way too. We offer exclusive set-up and Breakdown services.

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