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5 Common Mistakes Couples Make When Planning Their Wedding

Planning a wedding is fun, stressful, and chaotic all at the same time. When most couples decide to plan their wedding, they are focused on all the fun and creative aspects of planning. To get to the fun stuff, you have to nail down those pesky logistics.

Let's review some of the common mistakes couples make when planning their weddings which can ultimately delay getting to the fun stuff.

Tip #1 - Hiring your wedding planner last

Even if you're only going with a day of coordinator. I strongly suggest hiring a planner as soon as possible. If you book your planner before hiring other vendors, they can recommend vendors they trust and work with frequently ultimately saving you time and stress.

Tip #2 - Lack of information on the website for guests

Have you ever been invited to an event and immediately after receiving the invite you wonder what the dress code is or if you can bring a plus one or if you have to pay for parking? These are the important details that guests need to know! Your guests want to feel comfortable and want to know what they can expect instead of not getting the memo and sticking out like a sore thumb.

Tip #3 - Not asking enough questions before booking vendors

If you don't plan several events a year like the Kardashians, there is a chance you may miss a few details. Before you meet with vendors create a punch list of things that are important to you. Let's say you are shopping for a DJ and your favorite type of music is soft pop, be sure to ask your DJ if he is familiar with the type of music you like.

Tip #4 - Establishing a budget realistic budget

News flash weddings are expensive! The wedding industry is a specialty industry so that alone hikes up the price. Yes, most clients are spending more money on their weddings than any other event in their lifetime but if you have a budget that is considered on the lower end by wedding industry standards you need to be realistic about what you can afford. The best way is to create a list of "must-haves", "nice to have" and "can live without".

Tip #5 - Not Prioritizing the budget

Sometimes we skip straight to the aesthetics before budgeting for key items. Imagine what happens if the bride splurges on a couture dress now it's time to make the final payment to the caterer and the budget is maxed out. There will be no wedding or there will be a wedding without food, either way, will end in disaster.

“Lastly, knowing just a little bit about budgeting and prioritizing can go a long way in helping your wedding day succeed. You can learn more about what to expect when working with a wedding planner by subscribing to our email list.

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