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5 Things You Can Expect Your Wedding Planner To Do For You

Have you ever wondered if hiring a wedding planner is worth the cost? Many couples attempt to go at it alone before realizing that they may need professional assistance. When speaking to brides who are planning their weddings the 2 most common words that I hear are stressful and overwhelming.

I have compiled a list of 5 things that a wedding planner can do for you that may make you reconsider going at it alone.

Tip #1 - Keep you organized

With so many components of wedding planning, it's difficult to know where to start. Your planner will create a wedding planning checklist and help you prioritize what needs to happen and when.

Tip #2 - Communicate with vendors

One of the great benefits of choosing to work with a wedding planner is your planner's ability to communicate with vendors on your behalf. Some vendors take several days to respond to a simple question so it's nice to have a planner who will make sure your questions get answered and take this responsibility off your plate.

Most importantly, your planner will make sure all the wedding vendors are on the same page for the big day by reaching out to all vendors the week of your wedding, answering questions, confirming details, and more so that everyone knows what to do and where to be.

Tip #3 - Provide suggestions and advice

Having a professional provide wedding etiquette, advice and guidance can be a real lifesaver when it comes to wedding planning. For example, if you need to reduce wedding costs your planner can give you guidance and advice on where you can save a few dollars or if you have questions about etiquette such as plus-ones or invitation wording etc.

Tip #4 - Organize and plan the ceremony

There is no one-stop shop for planning wedding ceremonies, each wedding ceremony is unique based on cultural and religious beliefs as well as the couple's personal preferences. Your planner will help you plan out your ceremony and incorporate all the details that are important to you while making sure everything flows smoothly.

Tip #5 - Create the wedding day timeline

This is a big one. The wedding day timeline covers EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of your wedding from start to finish. The wedding day timeline can be from 1 to 3 days long and even longer for destination weddings. The timeline will be shared with all of your wedding vendors before the big day. The wedding party will receive details that are relevant to their roles and responsibilities such as how to line up for the processional and what time to arrive on-site or give their speech. Your wedding guests should receive an itinerary which will usually be posted on your wedding website or in the form of a welcome packet this will cover the dress code, and what to expect throughout the evening or any next-day activities

“Lastly, hiring a wedding planner can go a long way in helping your wedding day be successful. At the very least I would recommend hiring a day-of coordinator. Most couples associate wedding planners with decor and making things look pretty, but the best benefit of having a wedding planner is the logistics that will help reduce stress in the days leading up to your wedding day on the big day.

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