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During the peak of wedding season, competition can be fierce for Wedding Planners, with multiple clients vying for the same wedding date. We now offer "Save the Date" deposits for wedding planning to ease the stress of bidding wars. Bid farewell to anxiety by securing your event date and avoiding the nerve-wracking uncertainty of first-come, first-served policies. When you choose this service, negotiations with other potential clients will halt until your proposal is finalized. 

Wedding Planning: Save the Date Deposit

  • Imagine this scenario: You've discovered the ideal event planner and want to secure your date but it's taken. By paying just $50, we will place a soft hold on your special day, so you can rest easy knowing that Virgo Event Planning won't be flirting with any other events while we prepare your proposal.

    Once your personalized proposal is delivered, you'll have 5 days to determine if we are the right fit for you. The exciting part? The $50 deposit you submitted will be credited straight to your project! However, if you opt not to proceed with our proposal, we will unfortunately have to part ways, and the deposit will be forfeited.

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