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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Host Your Own Events

Let's be honest a lot of people don't see the value in hiring an event planner, after all having a planner is considered a nicety (nice-to-have) instead of a necessity. This is why most people think I can do this myself! This may be true, so here is my next question, do you want to? Why invest so much money in the florist, entertainment, and catering and choose not to protect your vision and desired outcome by choosing not to hire a professional planner to see it through.

I decided 3 years ago not to plan my events and here is why:

#1 - You will be too tired to do anything else

News flash everyone, planning is exhausting! (Physically and mentally) Even though the outcome appears beautiful and seamless that's the illusion your planner has set for you. Have you ever gone out to dinner with your special someone and the lights are perfectly dimmed, the music is playing softly in the background and your server even calls you by your name, everything seems perfect! Then on your way to the restroom, you walk by the kitchen and get a glimpse of the chaos! Everyone is sliding so much on the damn floor it looks like they are ice skating, the cooks are covered in food and yelling meal orders at one another. That's what you will be subjecting yourself to.

#2 - You won't be able to experience the moment and take it all in

Have you ever missed an episode of one of the hottest TV shows that everyone under the sun is watching (Game of thrones anyone)? The next day everyone is laughing and making jokes and discussing the episode and you are feeling left out because you didn't watch the show? This is how you will feel the day after your event. You will have missed out on all the selfies dancing and jokes, but you will hear about all the fun from the people who had a chance to enjoy and experience your event. (Maybe you can experience your event from your friend's Facebook posts).


#3 - You won't get to spend quality time with your guests

Forget small talk with the friends and family that have traveled to see you. At best you will have time to say hi, bye, and maybe throw in a compliment or two.

#4 - You will be pulled in a million different directions

Have you ever been to an event where the host is MIA the entire evening? That's because the host is running around like a crazy person filling ice, utensils, toilet paper, and probably cooking too.

#5 - You will be stuck with the cleanup

After the event, I don't want to be stuck cleaning in my 4inch heels slightly buzzed on top of that! Imagine having to carry and pack up boxes while your guests are on their merry way. Sometimes after an event, there is an impromptu after-party especially if you have out-of-town visitors. You will be too busy to go to the afterparty of your event.

As a planner/designer, I am capable of planning my events, but it doesn't replace having a point person to run interference on your special day. Please share your planning disasters/learning experiences in the comments below.



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