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5 Things You Shouldn't Expect Your Wedding Planner To Do

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Wedding Couple

There is quite a bit of confusion when it comes to the responsibilities of a wedding planner, as a result, most people don't know where to draw the line. Many planners are flexible with what they are willing to do but here are a few things you shouldn't expect from your planner.

Tip #1 -  Predict your thoughts

No wedding planner desires an unsatisfied or dissatisfied client, especially in a service-oriented field where we offer dreams. If your planner is unaware of your preferences or tastes, it can lead to problems. You can anticipate your planner to ask numerous questions to understand your preferences. This communication can take place in person, through a questionnaire, or with the help of images. Planning is a collaborative effort, requiring cooperation from both sides to achieve your vision.

Tip #2 - Cut your Cake

Cutting the cake can pose a challenge for events without a catering team, as many guests still expect the same level of service as a catered event. To avoid incurring a cake-cutting fee, some clients will request that their planners handle this task. However, cutting a cake can be messy and time-consuming and is also a liability for event planners. If your event is catered your caterer will handle this task for you.

Tip #3 - Take on the Responsibility of Other Vendors

Couples sometimes overlook a wedding planner's role and may ask them to take on tasks outside their scope. Common requests that fall beyond the wedding planner's duties include using personal devices for music or entertainment, providing microphones, and speakers,or handling cleaning requests. (We do accommodate these requests when appropriate.) While a wedding planner helps with vendor selection, it would be challenging to ensure a smooth event if they were to handle everything single-handedly.

Tip #4 - Get Involved in Family Disputes

Wedding preparations can be stressful, sometimes leading to heightened emotions. While your planner always has your best interests at heart, what if the key decision-makers are family members with financial control? Tensions can arise when overbearing parents or negative siblings complicate the planning process. Though we can offer suggestions to prevent conflicts, managing ongoing disputes between family members is usually beyond a wedding planner's scope.

Tip #5 - Work for Free

Event planners occasionally go above and beyond without charging extra to ensure top-notch results for their clients. However, it's important to establish boundaries. If you need additional services beyond the initial agreement, it's reasonable for your planner to discuss extra fees.

For instance, tasks like stacking chairs after an event or providing wedding decoration services may incur extra costs.

Now that you are aware of tasks outside your planner's scope, let's delve into the fantastic services your planner can offer by clicking below.



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