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Questions To Ask When Shopping for A Wedding Planner.

Choosing the right planner is crucial for your wedding day and your overall planning experience. Each couple will have different needs but no matter your needs there are some universal qualities your planner should possess. When planning my wedding I interviewed a few planners because I wanted to be hands-off for my special day and I must say the experience was quite amusing and disappointing at the same time. Asking these standard questions will help you eliminate the planners who may not be the best fit for your wedding

#1 - How do you communicate with your clients?

When it comes to planning your wedding your relationship with your planner needs to be a great one. So having a planner with good communication skills is a must-have. Your planner will be responsible for communicating with all of your vendors leading up to your wedding and on your wedding day so if your planner lacks communication skills this is a huge red flag!

Tip #2 - What is your planning process?

Every planner has a unique planning process that works for them. Your planner should be able to answer this question with little to no hesitation. Here is an example response. My planning process for day-of coordination services begins 6 weeks before your wedding date. I am big on communication and each week we will focus on a different planning priority. (1st week gathering information, 2nd week communicating with vendors, and the final week we will focus on the ceremony rehearsal). I like to touch base once a week on Mondays leading up to the wedding day. We have an online client planning tool we use for all of the weddings we plan, that way we can assure, that our clients are on the same page.

"Planning a wedding is not an easy task. Learn to lean on each other through this stressful time. At the end of the day, if you marry that special someone, it’s all worth it."

Tip #3 - What is your design style?

Here is an example response, my design style is Boho Chic, I appreciate pops of color and bold statement pieces to add visual interest to my designs. I like to work with natural wood and repurposed materials. However, I am capable of adjusting my design style to meet the needs of my clients.

Tip #4 - Have you ever worked with…..?

Finish this sentence with a question that will be specific to your wedding needs. Have you ever worked with a same-sex couple? or a couple with a $150,000 budget or destination weddings?

Tip #5 - What makes your service unique from other planners?

When selecting your planner your final decision will be emotion-based. It can be difficult to filter through all of the planners at your disposal. Asking this question can help you determine your likeability level for your potential future planner. If their response is overly aggressive and sounds like a car salesman this can mean they may not genuine or if their response is too nonchalant, they may not be willing to put in hard work.

Lastly, knowing what to ask and what answers to look for can go a long way in helping you find your planner match. You can learn more about what to expect when working with a planner by subscribing below to receive our e-guide. What are some of the worst experiences you had when interviewing wedding vendors? Leave your comments below.



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